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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
Like I said, you and I agree that maybe Lavi should be done. Quite frankly I'm really tired of the consistent 1 out of 3 periods with solid energy/effort, wasting our skill on the dump ins, the inability to adjust our game plan at all when teams like NJ totally neutralize our dump ins, the tired excuses, etc. I'd be fine with a coaching change and a system change, but the goalie needs to go too.

As far as who we bring in, no of course not Leighton. Not Smith either unless he comes cheap. Maybe Howard, there's a chance he leaves IMO because I think Detroit's immediate future chances of contending look somewhat bleak. Backstrom is another option depending on the price; he's only 2.5 years older than Bryz. Tim Thomas could be a stopgap option too.

But definitely not Leighton. Goalies aren't an "all or nothing" type thing... you know that, right? There are goalies in between franchise types who require 5+ year commitments of ridiculous amounts of money and the Leightons of the world. And teams have used these types of goalies to win championships. We could too. The Red Wings won w/ an over the hill Hasek / a way past his prime backup (Osgood) who came in in relief. The Blackhawks won w/ Niemi who they viewed as a stopgap type and subsequently let him go rather than pay him the 2.75M he was awarded in arbitration. And the Blackhawks are dominating the league once again with two stopgap type goalies.

Is there a great long-term option out there? Maybe not. But why do we need a 5+ year option in net? There's nothing wrong with getting an older goalie who can stop pucks for 1-2 years then re-evaluating things after he retires / his contract is up. Snagging Tim Thomas on a 1 year deal + a competent backup (Montoya?) should still cost much less than Bryz + Leighton/Boosh do this year, and given the way Thomas was playing in 2012, I'd have no problem with that. Or we could grab Ray Emery for a year, I'd have no problem with that. And either of those plans would allow us to re-evaluate the position in the 2014 offseason, when Lundqvist, Miller, Hiller, Dubnyk are all expected to be UFAs. You'd expect Lundqvist to re-sign, but who knows, maybe he gets fed up w/ Torts and w/ the inability to go far in the postseason and looks elsewhere. Miller and Hiller though at a minimum should both make it to UFA status.

Or we could always trade for a good young goalie (Bernier, Schneider, one of Ottawa's goalies, etc.).

There are plenty of options for life without Bryzgalov. We need to pick one.
if you amnesty bryz i really don't like the idea of going after Bernier or Schneider or really any young goalie for that matter as they'll cost a lot (assets) and are unproven so we may end up in the same position or worse (loss of aforementioned assets). Thomas after a year off will probably be garbage and i don't want that trouble maker on the flyers. again i doubt Detroit lets Howard go as they're always a playoff team. Backstrom has had injury problems and emery's performance i believe is a product of playing on a great team and will consequently get a raise for putting up good numbers. I like the idea of getting Hiller, though that is a few years away. Gibson is their goalie of the future so i hightly doubt he remains a duck but he'll most definitely be traded and re-signed (just saying i don't think he'll hit UFA). Miller has been on a gradual decline and doesn't show up for big games and lundqvist, well i'd cream my pants if the flyers got him but he's a ranger for life imo. the organization would fire trots before letting him go.

bob would of been a great stop gap at the very least until going after someone like hiller.

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To clear the air on the Compliance Buyouts:

NHL Link
Thanks, that clear things up

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