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03-11-2013, 07:03 PM
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Been leaning towards Vanier because I never really considered Dawson. And for the few times when I did consider Dawson [This might sound really absurd for you] I kept telling myself I didn't want to go there because of the shooting. For the past week, I've seemed to change my mind and want to go to Dawson now. I just feel its better. Coming out of a "top" private highschool with high standards, when I went to Vanier w/my bro it just didn't appeal to me.

The program i'm applying in (Commerce) has 250 spots in Vanier, so necessarily will probably have "better" students than Dawson (I suppose), who accept almost 2x more students.

I'm no Maths guru as well. I've had a 65ish pct average my whole highschool [until sec 5] I had 40% Math average in Sec3. But in Sec 4 i got 73% in My MELS exam, and 91% in my first semester this year(While also keeping an ~80pct average), those two last math grades are the ones the CEGEPs will see. I feel that since Vanier is a smaller school, the Commerce program could possibly be harder due to the condensed program, so consequently higher "grade" students getting admitted over the lower-graded ones. But this isn't really a determinating factor in my decision. Was just something I noticed to boost my decision [Changing my idea]

I probably live 10 minutes bus + 10 minutes walk away from Vanier and 10 Minutes bus + 20 minutes metro away from Dawson. (I live in Bois Franc @ Saint Laurent) So the location isn't really a big difference.

Im not the kind of guy to get influenced by partying/skipping courses to go shopping down town either BTW, which seems to be one of the potential main downsides for new students pointed out by a couple of people

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