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Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
'Not that good'... How can somebody be not that good at art ? Explain this to me. It might not fit your style, because you look like you like fast/Flawless flow(Gunnerdom), but it doesnt mean he's not great and doesnt talk about things that matters, oh and he gives a show. It's all fine and dandy that you don't find him good. But he fits perfectly with the hip-hop culture(both of them actually).
Art is the most subjective thing you can find out there.
I disagree with that. Why is art subjective? Consider cooking. If you like eating Big Macs, will you argue that they're better than expensive *insert delicacy here*? What about books? If you like reading Harlequin novels, does it mean that they're better than Stephen King novels? I don't understand this concept that music is somehow subjective and that you can't look at it from an argumentative point of view. Objectively, there are far more talented rappers using far better, more interesting beats, doing far cooler things than whatever Mackelmore is doing. If you don't like them (or aren't aware of them?), that's another story, but you can't say that someone can't be bad at art.

I think someone pointed out that his purpose is to appeal to people who are new to rap, and I think it's accurate. There are very few people really in to rap that'll find anything appealing with Mackelmore, just like very few people into punk rock will like Simple Plan, metal fans liking Nickelback, so on, so forth.
I also think the idea of "hip hop culture" is a bad generalization. Right now, some of the best/fastest rising rappers all have different cultures/personalities/etc. Look how different Danny Brown is to Joey Bada$$ (personally, my two favourite current rappers, do give them a listen. Joey is only 17 which is even crazier). Look how different they are to someone like A$AP Rocky or Drake or etc.

My point is that if rappers were foods, Mackelmore would be a twinkie.

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