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03-11-2013, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by SactoShark View Post
No, he refused to renegotiate his contract. That's exactly why he was traded.

I find it insane that football players are even asked to do that. Doesn't seem like contracts even mean anything in the NFL.
They don't. It's a complete joke. The most violent sport played doesn't have guaranteed contracts. The next guy is in line to take your spot the second you are injured, "overpaid" (whose fault is that?), or just old, and you don't get jack.

This is why I always applaud athletes for taking teams for all they are worth. I may not agree with the deal in terms of value, but I will never get on a player for taking what a team is willing to pay him.

If I'm an NFL player I keep a list of teams that function like the Ravens and avoid them at all costs.

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