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Originally Posted by cyclones22 View Post
I won't pretend to be an expert on Faulk, as I've seen very little of the Canes this season. But I'd like your opinion on what makes Voynov a good top-4 guy and Faulk a #1D. Is it size? Speed? Hitting? Playing in all situations? Or is it the proverbial eyeball test?

I can only go off comparables on paper at this point. Both guys were early second round picks, Voynov in one of the deepest defensemen drafts in NHL history in 2008. HF projection of Faulk is 7.5B, Voynov at 8.0B. While it's true that Voynov is a second pairing guy in LA, that's where Faulk would be in our lineup at best. The Kings D is also better than Carolina's by a longshot, and that's with Quick having his worst season in his career coming off of back surgery.

I'm not disputing that Faulk has a brighter future than Voynov. I want to know what makes him better and a #1D, besides him being top pairing in Carolina, and Voynov a top-4 guy.
Faulk is better than any defensemen on the Kings minus Doughty. He's amazing defensively, so cerebral, smart stickwork, great positioning, smooth skating, great puck skills. He's just amazing at everything. Stylistically, Voynov and Faulk are similar defensemen, but Faulk just does everything better. He's 20 years old and he controls the game. By the proverbial eye test, he looks on another level.

The advanced stats back it up too, if that's what you're looking for. He plays against the hardest competition among Canes defensemen. He starts just 44% of his shifts in the offensive zone, by far the lowest besides Gleason at 42%. Whereas Voynov plays against second tier competition, and starts 57% of his shifts in the offensive zone. Faulk is a -7 Corsi, but if you adjusted if for zone starts it would be pretty even. And Voynov is a -2 Corsi despite starting so often in the offensive zone.

Faullk plays the most even strength minutes on the Canes, Voynov only plays the 3rd most, and I'm sure it would be the 4th most if Mitchell were healthy. Faulk plays the most SHTOI of Canes' D, Voynov only 4th most, again without Mitchell.

I recommend tuning in to some Canes games, not just for Faulk because they've got some really entertaining forwards, but Faulk's really, really good. My bold prediction is that he makes Team USA in 2014, and that he ends up playing a top-4 role.

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