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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
Ross is an interesting coach in the ATD. I have seen more than one reference to the notion that he invented "kitty-bar-the-door" defensive tactics in hockey, or what would now be called the trap, though strangely he doesn't seem to have necessarily run that system too often on Boston with Eddie Shore on the blueline.
Kitty-bar-the-door has more in common with Bowman's left wing lock, as it seems to be about putting guys in charge of holding ground at the blueline and hitting guys as they enter the offensive zone. (The trap is a less mobile four player defensive system I hadn't encountered before Lou in New Jersey dominated with it from the early nineties.)

That said, Ross experimented and introduced many new techniques, often finding new ways of doing things, a real creative, task-oriented mind.

Some time ago, I ran across what looks like a juicy article concerning Ross and new vs. old coaching tactics circa 1942. I saved the link (which is below), though it's behind a pay wall, so if you want the goods, you'll have to shell out a couple of bucks. Anyway, here it is:

Here is yet another article which seems to hint at a sort of coaching duel between Ross and the Rangers coaches:

And finally, here's one from the 1939 playoffs (which would culminate in Ross' only Cup win as a manager) which calls Bill Cowley the nemesis of Lester Patrick. It might shed some light on all of Cowley, Ross and Patrick, if we're lucky:

Lord only knows what's actually in those articles, but I can tell you that the one time I paid to unlock a CSM article, it was very much worth it (it was the article in the dirt thread giving the exact date of the implementation of powerplay rules in the NHL). A pack of 4 articles is eleven bucks, so if you've got one more CSM article you want to take a look at, it might be worth it. I have a feeling that there's a treasure trove of information specifically about Ross' coaching style in those articles.
Thanks sturm for the links. Once I pay off my credit card (next month) I'll look into investing in those articles!

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