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Originally Posted by SealsFan View Post
If there is a pic, he would be wearing the rare prototype jersey they wore in pre-season. I don't have a link to a photo just now, but it was their original jersey with the crest moved down and "SEALS" arched above it, sorta like the modern Canucks style.
I've seen a picture of Gerry Odrowski wearing said jersey for a photo op (Charlie Burns was wearing the white one, which was the same as the final jersey and did not feature the arched 'Seals' above the crest) but I've never seen a picture of them actually wearing them in a game, pre-season or otherwise. On the contrary, in the only pictures I've seen of the Seals' pre-season games they were wearing the uniforms of the WHL Seals.

EDIT: Looks like someone else did the same detective work I did years ago. see boards . sportslogos . net/topic/88463-oakland-seals-mystery-jersey/ (this board's software won't let me link to it directly...)

e.g. Bobby Baun in a pre-season game against the Kings:

edit: the picture of Odrowski and Burns

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