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03-11-2013, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by JCresty View Post
most guys' hair that I've played around with (ignore the temptation to comment on that) reveals a high degree of dandruff and scalp irritation and dehydration. Healthy hair starts with diet and sleep and all of that reflects on the scalp. While the solution to healthy hair lies beyond hair products, for those that has body types that are more prone to dandruff, anti-dandruff shampoo is effective in reducing irritation, flakes, dandruff, dehydration, itch, dry brittle hair over prolonged usage as well as reduce the um-tamable-ness of hair. The difference between when you're hair is happy and when it's unhappy shows all in how well it looks. Bad hair days aren't just so because you got unlucky during your sleep. Healthy hair requires close to no touch ups before I leave the door and unhealthy hair requires me to hopelessly don the hat.

As for the coconut oil, it's great for your scalp although there are a lot of oils out there that are fantastic for the scalp. I use coconut oil because coconuts are dope.
Thanks actually...Yeah, my hair is wirey and curly. Might try the oil thing too. Never have before.

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