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03-11-2013, 08:10 PM
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Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 2 - 3/10. Now, I've watched all of these before and treated them as full-on unintentional comedies (because the first moment Pattinson walked on screen in the first one, I laughed out loud and long). The last one was the first one that just painful to watch because it wasn't funny-bad, just boring as hell and they watered down all the juicy ridiculous stuff I heard was in the book. This was slightly better. I laughed again upon seeing RPats, Bella going ******* on wolfboy over the pedophilic imprinting stuff and the fight scene at the end. So that's the 3 from the score. Crappy acting, weird story telling, the final fight not being real(though I expected that). The "witnesses" aka all those other vampires proved to far more interesting than all the main characters. Why the hell would you save a guy who can control elements, a shock lady and amazonian "illusionist" for the finale? Worst movie series ever. Some unintentionally funny stuff in some of them but I'm just glad it's finally over.

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