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07-27-2006, 09:00 PM
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Get a grip on your throat if you don't stop whining.

This place is called Hockey's Future - have you ever noticed that?

I always look ahead and project what a lineup might look like; been doing it for 30+ years - it's called being an ardent Habs/hockey fan, and I won't apologize for that. I'm watching two TV programs, reading a few sports websites and posting at HF boards tonight....don't find it boring at all.

I also get a kick out of looking back and laughing at how I could have projected in 99 or so that Chouinard would be centering a Habs second line in 2001-02 or 2002-03, or Ward and Buturlin would be battling for the second-line left wing spot by 2002-03. Just an indication of how optimistic we can be the first year or two after our team picks a prospect.

Three years ago Milroy was easily one of our top ten prospects; now he's out of everyone's top 20. Many people were projecting Duncan to be a future second-line winger for the Habs around 2006-07 - not going to happen anytime soon.

Will Lats be a first or second liner in three years time? Hard to say; his skating will certainly have to keep improving. I think he has Steve Bernier type-potential.

Will Grabovsky be a second-line center? That's probably the biggest question. Perhaps he will be an NHL second liner some day, perhaps he'll not make it as a regular at all. Montreal might trade for a center, Ribs could surprise everyone and become an 80-point+ player, and Plekanec isn't out of the equation either.

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