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Originally Posted by topnotch View Post
I'm really questioning the bolded. Why would the NHL penalize the Hawks 18 million if Hossa retires 1 year before his contract expires when his total salary will have only been ~4 million more than his total cap hit? Also, why would the NHLPA ever agree to this?

My guess, and it's only speculation at this point, is that if a player's final calculation (after retirement) would give the team more cap rather than punish the team with less cap then it is null and void. Otherwise the league is just begging to have situations where Hossa sits on LTIR for a "shoulder" or "groin" injury to collect his 1 million. Or as many others have stated, Hossa receives a regular buyout with MUCH less of a cap punishment.

The formula makes no sense whatsoever without taking into account years where a player is playing for a salary below his caphit. That means it's actually punishing teams for players who meant to play more of their contract than those that meant to play less.
Capgeek said they got it directly from the NHL.


#NHL confirms cap advantage recapture rule does not give teams credit for seasons with negative cap benefit (where cap hit exceeds salary).

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