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12-22-2003, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by mark0v
if you do not believe this to be true, ask yourself why guys like Kilger ,Rivest have worn the habs jersey for as long as they did

By the way , Brunet was an exellent defensive player and to say that Bouillon have ''worn the Habs jersey for as long as he do'', because is french is so ridicule , considering that he has a AHL career and is here since +- 30 games..

Trent McCleary,Matt Higgins,Brett Clark,Jason Dawe,.David Wilkie,Jassen Cullimore,Murray Baron,Chris Murray,Jim Cummins,Scott Lachance,Jim Campbell,Juha Lind,Johan Witehall,Shaun Van Allen,Bill Lindsay and Reid Simpson have similar or more games than Bouillon , in the habs jersey
Ok ok, before you go labelling me with the evil salesperson from Eaton's logo, I sais that I had no problem with having more then our share of local players. Notice how I didn't mention the language they speak?

Brunet was a liabilty because of his fragility. You have to rely on guys to be on the roster every night, unless they have a serious upside worth waiting for. There are tons of guys that were Brunet's equivalent, but we stuck with him.

Bouillion is a utilty player. He has a lot of heart. He plays physical, but when he is opposed physically he gets into a pissing contest and takes himself out of the play just to prove he isn't a weakling. Given a choice between a small utility D and a large one....what do you pick?

As for the guys you mentionned....
Trent McCleary- energy like Begin...well...same thing
Matt Higgins- draft pick, don't play him, loose face. I agree he sucked.
Brett Clark- same as Higgins
Jason Dawe- had wheels, didn't stick too long
David Wilkie- same as Higgins...I agree he sucked too
Jassen Cullimore-betcha want him now....6'5", #2 D in TB
Murray Baron- was an enforcer...didn't pan out here, but was great in Vancouver
Chris Murray-forward.had alot of heart, energy player, not too talented..,didn't last
Jim Cummins-enforcer, plain and simple
Scott Lachance-former first rounder, he beats the pants off of Bouillion
Jim Campbell- how did he do in St. Louis
Juha Lind- come on.... how long was he around for?
Johan Witehall- even less games then Lind!
Shaun Van Allen- was the backbone of the 4th line in Ottawa last year
Bill Lindsay- if you didn't like this can you like Begin
Reid Simpson- enforcer, we lost him in the waiver draft...

Was your point to pick out any english guys or europeans that were never mainstream guys with the Habs? accomplished that. But that is all.

Again, let me make it clear....I have no problem with the fact that we have local guys on the team, it is a business. It has to appeal to the ordinary casual fan. Don't try to find racism where their is not.

remember....I am on your side.

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