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03-11-2013, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
Stella is my favourite.

Hoegaarden & Hacker-Pschorr are pretty awesome too.

Carlsberg Red is a beaut but impossible to find unless you want a keg.
Carlsberg red?!? Game Changer. I will hunt this down.

I liked Stella as well. She never cheats on you and is always there when you come home.

But I spent a year in England recently and it is considered a bottom of the barrel beer. So I drank alot of it. Now here's a true story.. A guy I knew in England (he was a bit stuck up.. Wine guy) went on a date with this girl to a nice restaurant. Afterward he came back to the pub I was at and said he was turned off because "she ordered a pint of Stella..." And proceeded to explain to me that "she atleast could have ordered a pint of Budweiser because Budweiser is classy"
Most people in the pub agreed.

I flipped my **** told England they are wrong. And came back to the holy land of beer.. Canada. Honestly this is a true story.. honestly.. In England Stella is trash... Budwieser is class.

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