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03-11-2013, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Rivet52 View Post
Huge Boldin fan here from his days in Arizona and it really sucks to see him being traded from the team he helped win the Super Bowl a month ago to the team he beat. It's too bad they had to toss him to the side but I do understand the cap situation they're in. I'm not high on the Niners but Boldin now has a chance to stick it to the Cardinals twice a year I suppose. Ravens got something for a guy they were going to have to release. Reports say the Vikings also made the Ravens an offer but the 49ers offered more, which is weird because a sixth is nothing but I guess the Vikings didn't want to take on that contract and might figure to try for Wallace or Jennings tomorrow, who are both younger and better. Part of me wishes the Bills would have been in on this but we aren't contenders and probably wouldn't have had the room to take on that contract. Expensive for a still-good player but Boldin is clearly not getting any younger.

I don't see the Bills' need for Mingo at all. We've invested a lot of money into DE and odds are (which in my mind would be the right move) we won't release Anderson. I want to see what he can do. I'm not ready to just give up on him like a lot of Bills fans. The guy played five games. I'd like to re-sign Kyle Moore too.
Mingo a LB. Jones has some up in the air health questions. Who is a better player may be debateable.

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