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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
1) "trashing Jackman?" WHAT???? Provide a single link. Just one single link. Or come back and admit you made this up (weirdly).
2) Garrison was a perfect target and the Blues made him an offer, so I guess as the guy who first began advocating that last year I look pretty shrewd, eh?
3) It is very easy to turn you around and argue my point, which is as surreal as it is hilarious. I was making fun of the idea that just getting one guy (your idea from the summer) is the answer. Obviously to beat the Kings in the playoffs the whole team will have to play intense, aggressive, in your face hockey. Which, again obviously, this team is capable of doing. They just weren't prepared for the onslaught from LA after a relatively easy San Jose series, and also losing your best player immediately hurts. They weren't mentally tough and collapsed. But you think it was not having a "crease clearer" that cost us in that series, which is ridiculous. So here I argue that the whole team needs to provide it and you're now tyring to convince me I'm right. Thank you.

Gotta run for a bit, back later.
You specifically said you wanted Jackman to go to free up space for the Garrison deal (who in my mind hasn't lived up to his huge contract) I don't care enough to keep this stuff archived but I know that you and a few others had said it. Every Defenseman in the NHL should put priority on clearing the crease for their Goaltender, why shouldn't they? Yes, I wanted have to have another player that can engage in that kind of play. You could want Petro and Russell to have intensity and aggression but do you honestly see it happening?
In typical fashion you are trying to make me sound as if I meant something different. When I said having another player that is a crease-clearer it didn't mean have "only one" player so nobody else on the team would have to. Why on earth would I not want the whole team defense to play that way?

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