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03-11-2013, 09:28 PM
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I think the note2 is 5.5'' and the gs4 is said to be 4.99''.

I'm likely to get a gs4, mainly because it's the new phone. But I'm still quite torn between the note2 and the gs4.

The note2's screen is kind of a disappointment, but the huge battery/multi-window functionality/stylus are big pluses. The gs4's screen is gonna be nice, but lacks the stylus. I'll obviously have to wait for reviews on the gs4 to see if it has multi-window and what kind of battery life it has.

I really wanna see what's gonna happen with the note3, but the note2 is only 5months old, so I'm not expecting any news on the 3 for quite some time.

Anyone have a note2? How much is the stylus a part of the functionality? Do you use it all the time? Does the stylus improve the phone in anyway? Is it mandatory for certain functions? Or is more of a gimmick?

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