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03-11-2013, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
I've been saying it for years, season tickets are not a good value proposition. Get yourself a nice front projector and enjoy the games on a 110"+ screen from the comfort of your own home. For the average regular season game it's far more enjoyable and pays for itself in no time. I still have my seasons (and more than broke even selling them this year) but I only go to a few games since it's hard to justify a couple hundred bucks for 3 hours entertainment. When the time comes where I can't break even selling regular season games I'll give them up, even though I enjoy having playoff ticket rights.
next year we should be ok, anyone past the bridge obstructions in the upper bowl will be in demand to get away from the back rows, and there's no preseason games. I'm more concerned about when preseason comes back in '14-15

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