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03-11-2013, 09:58 PM
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I think it is clear to everone that a major shakeup is needed and I include the owner in that. I suspect the brain trust is giving everyone a chance to play themselves off this team/show the ownership they deserve to be in the NHL. The team's best defenceman is Sekera--a good second pairing guy. The best forward? several tied for second--take Kaleta's heart or Gerbe's and put it in one of thos bigger skilled guys and we would have a peach. Miller keeps us in games but then gives up too many soft goals. Our coaches cannot get the team to play as a team. My solution? Bring in a tough coach and get rid of those multimillionaires who cannot hack being asked to bust their balls for the money. Stafford is a lost cause--he never cuts to the net like he used to. Miller is too expensive for what we get from him--we need someone who may not make the truly great save but will not give up 3 soft goals every 2 games. Regehr is just too old and too slow. Leopold? What happened? Myers? I do not think he got in proper shape for the season-so no trading him this year. Gerbe and Ennis--a lot of heart/speed but not enough from them offensively for top 6 and can they play for the $ for bottom 6 and be happy? I would let one of them go for the right price. Leino? We need to give him a good shot to succeed or fail and then consider what to do with him....

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