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Originally Posted by Habbybirthday View Post

Favourite All-round drinking beer: Molson Dry!

Favourite Treat beer (girlfriend/wife out of town):Heineken or Creemore!

Favourite Strong Beer: Muskoka Spring Oddity, Winter Beard!

Favourite Specialty Beer: Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer!

Annnddd.. Favourite Liqour: Hiram Walker's Special Old Rye Whiskey!

Don't want to get into Pilsner's, Lagers, Ales, Bitter's ect.

Because what are we???? Foodies?
If you don't want to get into Pilseners and Lagers and list Heineken as your "treat beer" there is not really much to discuss, is there?
...Says the guys that currently has to live off terrible, terrible Texan beer:

Favourite All-round drinking beer: Lone Star these days (usually Molson Ex)

Favourite Treat beer: Warsteiner Pilsener (there you have it)

Favourite Strong Beer: Fin du Monde

Favourite Specialty Beer: Anchorsteam

Favourite Liqour: Glenmorangie 18 yrs

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