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03-12-2013, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by marc0polo View Post
Thanks heaps for your speedy replies.
I've actually been lurking around MANY different ice hockey forums, checking out youtube vids (the pencil test?) and I've been into my LHS to try on a couple of different brands and their respective fits. Thats why I've narrowed it down to the Easton Synergy line.

But in terms of specs, its hard to find threads that compare those two specifically

What do you guys think?
If you're sure the fit will be manageable, you can't go wrong with either as a beginner. I have the EQ5s, and the 3s are only two below, so I imagine it's a sufficient skate for you and may even be cheaper (older model). My EQ5s have held up, but I can't really speak in terms of durability for the 3s.

If you feel comfortable with how the line fits, you can go for it, but you risk differences in how each model fits (I'm not sure if the 20 is the successor of the 3 or the 2, and different model series might mean changes in fit). I still won't condone blindly purchasing the skate online, but if you've done your homework and feel confident, you could go for it (I tried on EQ3s years ago, and blindly bought the EQ5s on sale last year and was fine, but that's not to be expected).

Also, it would be advisable to buy from the shop where you tried them on. If there's any problems or need any fitment issues fixed (Punch, stretch, bake) you'll have a shop that will most likely do them for you. It's just good business to not use one shop as a fitting room then buying somewhere else, we have to support our local shops. It may be different in your area, but if you bought skates from me, I'd help them fit for free.

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