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03-11-2013, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Shame that fans look at contract first, size second and contributions last. Gionta may be overpaid, but he's still a damn good two-way hockey player. He's a big reason for this team's success. Him paired with Plekanec gives the team an excellent shutdown pairing at the forward group. Gionta has always been a streaky scorer, but the thing is, at least when he is not scoring, he's providing a solid two-way game.
Originally Posted by THE HOFF View Post
A lot of people made good points about how he wasn't great early on, but his offensive contribution was still acceptable, and so was his general play. I never got the feeling that he floated ... I appreciated his passing skills early on and I thought he always found a way to get at least 2-3 good scoring chances night in night out. He wasn't dominant, but he was playing a solid 5 on 5 game. people looking back saying he was ''beyond garbage'' is just ridiculous. If you want to label him a 3rd liner its fine, but I'd rather consider him a complete top 9 forward that contributes the way you want him to. In his worst games this year I felt he was still one of the best to apply puck pressure and cause turnovers,
I agree with most of this... but then again, a 5M$ player should be relied upon to provide that kind of impact consistently.

Doesn't always happen, and there are players with bigger contracts who contribute less, that's for sure (we've had 2 of them recently, sadly).

With Cole & his inconsistent ability to deliver at that level gone, keeping Gionta around beyond this year gets noticeably easier. That said, I still think it worthwhile for MB to shop him around in the off season, and if the right deal opens up, pull the trigger.

You can find players who deliver the compete-level & the defensive attributes Gionta brings at a smaller price tag, what drove up his value is the scoring element, so keeping him for 2 more years at 5M$/season without feeling confident that he can consistently deliver in that area opens the door to moving him imo.

Since Ryder arrived, his PP time has decreased, and yet his production has improved... perhaps he wasn't dealing well with the pressure put on him by leading the team in PP time among fwds early in the season, or perhaps (i don't know the numbers on this) he's now found himself used on the 2nd unit, freeing him up from the top-focus of opposing team PK units?

the real clincher, imo, is the impact MT/MB feel Gionta has on the room/with the young players. His work ethic is without question, but on the other hand, can't really ascribe our success this year to his leadership impact without pointing out the conference worst team he captained last year.

will be interesting to see what happens in the summer, but I certainly don't expect to see him moved this season short of a massive collapse by the team in the next few weeks.

Glad that he's finally starting to put some points on the board to go with the consistently solid performance in other areas!

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