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Originally Posted by The Fading Captain View Post
You needn't lecture me on this

With a prospect, it's more about the tools than the execution. And Kindl is putting a lot of his tools on display.

I don't see anyone calling him our best.
But let's be real. After Kronwall and Ericsson, it doesn't take much to be our third best.
Hell, it doesn't take much to be our second best.

Well, you don't remember it. I do.
I also remember against Chicago, when he lined up Stahlberg on the boards. Good check, because he got in front of him, and was able to steal the puck, pass it to Miller and end a long shift of running around his own end.

So his physical plays aren't just hits to make coach happy. They're winning puck battles.

If you don't notice these things, you either don't want to see them, or you're simply not watching Kindl very closely.

Six games ago was the SJ game.
He has 2G and is +2 in that time. his lowest TOI is 16:37. He's been at 19:54 or higher three times. He has 18 shots on goal.
He also has 11 hits (though six were against Chicago)

My goodness. He never looked like Pronger. AT ALL. Nobody ever projected that kind of game on him.
Newfy, you're confused. Kindl was always in the mold of a Lidstrom (not as skilled, but a little more physical).

He's never had that potential. At best, he was a solid top pairing guy. Nobody ever projected superstar status for this guy.

If you look at Kindl, he has had a rough adjustment at every level.
He came to kitchener and sucked his first year (which is why he slipped to 19th). He came to Grand Rapids and sucked his first year.

He was nothing special in Detroit his first two 1/2 seasons.

But you've at least got to give him a shot.

And the reason nobody gets excited about Lashoff is because he's nothing to get excited about.
One of the posts I replied to I bolded where he was called possibly the best dman on the team. If you dont think that than I dont take issue with you thinking hes been solid but those are 2 very different things.

And youre talking about these little subtle physical plays that every dman makes where they rub a guy off the puck. I can point to plenty of those by other guys on the team as well. I was more talking about the physical game that scares opponents. His time in the OHL he was considered a pretty nasty player with a decent mean streak to go with his skill, I watched it live I know. Theres also scouting reports that say as much. He seems to have dropped that and refuses to really use his frame to get nasty, which is different from running guys off the puck. I didnt mean Pronger as in a shut down defensive minded dman, just that he was mean and actually considered dirty at one point in time.

All of the positives you talk about can be said about Lashoff as well but you decide to hate him as well. Like Kindl I would say hes been solid when hes been put in a limited role. The stats youre pointing out for Kindl like hits actually favour Lashoff. Lashoff barely ever gives the puck away and he blocks a lot of shots. Hes also 22 and undrafted.

I guess I just dont understand how you can be so down on a guy whose 22 and went undrafted who has been hitting and blocking shots and has shown he could be a decent stay at home guy in the future and then so high on a 26 year old former first round pick who is now just finally starting to look like a half decent NHLer.

I think you guys should be happy hes turning into what looks like an alright player and be happy that Lashoff has looked pretty decent as well. No one should claim either are the best on the team or that either have been bad.

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