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03-11-2013, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by nickschultzfan View Post

Offensively, he's behind Suter, Gilbert, Brodin, and Spurgeon.

Defensively, he's behind Falk, Stoner, and Scandella.

Now toss in Gunnarson.

I think it makes a lot of sense to bring Dumba along slowly. He got to work on a lot of things still.
i agree Dumba is probably better served brought along slowly, but I don't think you could know his offense is behind anyone else. Likely behind Suter, yes, but the others? He could very well outscore any of them if given their minutes. doesn't mean the liability he presents while he does it will make it worthwhile. I think he'll have an easier time getting comfortable playing a nice, boring fundamentals game in the AHL and he'll be a lot freer to work on his decision making down there.

That said, he could secure a 3rd pairing/PP specialist role out of camp. He'll have a lot of access to coaches with prospect camp and the full NHL preseason. As i argued with Brodin (against those who thought he could at best make the third pairing and thus would be better off playing more minutes in Houston) a technical third pairing spot does not = third pairing minutes necessarily, or a stunting of development.

The thing i think most likely to keep Dumba off the team is how he faces personal adversity...see how he reacts after bad shifts, or being benched. As a dynamic player, he's going to get burned pretty regularly as he enters the league but he has to keep playing that way to live up to his potential, and he isn't going to learn to pick his spots without making bad choices every once in a while. He isn't the cerebral player Brodin is...I think his game and motivation relies more on passion and while that's a huge positive, it makes you more susceptible to slumping as you take every failure as a flaw of character rather than an event you can analyze and correct. I expect to have somewhat of a Brent Burns aura about him when he's coming into his own in the NHL--electrifying player that brings with him a sense of impending danger. His rookie year, whenever it comes, isn't going to be as smooth as Brodin's is this year...but just because it isn't, doesn't mean he isn't developing or that he needs more time in the AHL. Brodin has set the bar incredibly careful not to judge anyone by it.

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