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Originally Posted by Wilch View Post
Looks like it may be bent. Try putting a ruler flat against the side of the blade. If there's any space between the ruler and the blade you might want to take it to a shop.
Definitely looks bent, I agree.

Take it to a good sharpener and afterwards you should also be able to balance a coin such as a quarter(or if you're Canadian, the loonie) on the blade of the skate. It should appear to lay perfectly flat, forming a 90 degree straight angle.

Also, it won't take them long to straighten it unless there's a serious defect to begin with. If you're worried about missing your next shinny, or couple rec games, I would not sweat it. Odds are on they can straighten it right away, or worse, sell you new blades. I doubt you will be out of skates for any period of time because of this.

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