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03-12-2013, 12:13 AM
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*no picture, no story* - understood

currently waiting for my friend to put up pics from my recent trip to Minny to see the Canucks vs the Wild. My friend is good friends with Dale Weiss, and we drove from Winnipeg to see him play. We also had dinner with him after the game at a place called Mickeys Diner (Conways mom worked there in the Mighty Ducks).. unreal cheeseburgers.

Anyways to the good stuff.

* "Malhotra's done, he'll never play again" - Weiss

* Alain gives the most uninspiring pre game speeches

* "Konopka is a nut job" - Weiss (also had no choice when he fought him)

Good stuff

* "When I say the Montreal Canadiens, you say...?"- Me "My favourite team growing up" - Weiss Also talked about being scratched while he was at the Bell, best building in the league from his POV

Really good stuff

We walked back to his hotel after dinner, and at the same time Garrison was coming back from meeting some family in Minny and met him in the front of the hotel.... Guess who's he pumping?

Anyone... take a second.... think about it.




Also a very nice guy, spoke to him for 2 seconds. Basically shook his hand, said nice meeting you and said good luck for the rest of the year. He seemed genuinely grateful, which took me off guard.

Anyways, that was my Sunday night. Believe me or not, I don't care but every word I just said was the truth.

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