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03-12-2013, 01:55 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Haha. You obviously have not read many of my posts. Look back just two pages in this very thread and see where I talk about the mistakes Holmgren has made. I criticize Homer when he deserves it. When he doesn't deserve it, I don't criticize him. That is the difference between me and many posters on here. I am not hard-line one way or the other. Sometimes he messes up. Sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes Bryz is to blame for some goals. Sometimes he isn't. Criticism where criticism is due. Credit where credit is due. Trading Bob does not deserve Criticism. Signing Bryz to his contract is a different story.

EDIT: It probably does seem like I only defend him because he gets torn apart for most everything he does so a good amount of the time I am defending him instead of joining in.
It's all good man, just seems like you defend Holmgren a lot. And I dunno how you defend him for the Bob trade. Was the value that we got terrible? No. But when you look at what we subsequently did (brought back Boosh/Leights), it was a terrible move. We have no reliable backup goalie for this year because we traded Bob.

If I offered you a legit backup goalie for 2 4th round picks, would you take it? Of course you would. And that's what makes the Bob trade so bad, we essentially traded Bob for 2 4th round picks.

Let me explain: had we kept Bob as the backup and let him get to RFA status this off-season without a contract, the only way we lose him is if he signs an offersheet with another team. Anything under 1.7M or so and he's well worth retaining, so the only way we let him go is if another team offersheets him @ 1.7M or above. If we decide to not match in that case, we get a 2nd round pick as compensation. We received a 2nd and 2 4th round picks in the trade for Bob, hence we basically sacrificed having a good backup / 2nd starter (or potential replacement starting goalie when Bryz struggles like he has) for this season for the low, low price of two 4th round picks. You'll excuse me if those 2 4th round picks don't excite me, given the extremely small likelihood those 4th round picks even play a single game for the Flyers, let alone make a significant impact.

I also think we differ in opinion because you look at the Bob trade as an isolated incident, while I look at it as a chain reaction from the Bryz deal. I can't just look at it in a vaccum because the Bryz contract is what forced the Bob trade. When you look at Holmgren's goaltending moves as a whole, he cannot be defended. He brought over a young rookie goalie from Russia and immediately installed him as the starting goalie on the Flyers; that alone would be considered mad by most GMs. But then it actually worked and he played well for the majority of the season, he looked like a real gem of a prospect. Then he hit a wall because he had played more games in a single season than he had ever done before in his career and he struggled a bit in the playoffs and before you knew it, Holmgren had relegated him to the bench in favor of Bryz and his 9 year contract. At that point the writing was on the wall and we later traded him away to Columbus.

The whole Bob/Bryz situation is basically a clinic for other GMs on how not to handle a goaltending prospect and in general how not to address the goaltending position on your team, from bringing Bob over and starting him right away to replacing him after he struggled to signing Bryz to that monstrosity of a contract to the ever comical return of Leighton and Boosh as the incompetent backups who get paid to not play / not spell Bryz, despite the fact that Bryz clearly needs it.

So yeah, I think he deserves a ton of criticism for his handling of Bobrovsky, from the start to the end. And I also think he deserves some criticism for not keeping Bob this year as a backup plan to Bryz. I know you're a Holmgren homer, but I'd hope you would be willing to admit that it should've been obvious to Homer that the compliance buyout was going to be part of the new CBA. Given that it was part of the last CBA and that GMs and owners are constantly talking to each other, it should've at the very least been in Homer's mind that the compliance buyout was a very realistic possibility. Instead of having an internal backup plan in case we amnesty Bryz, we now have only 2 options: 1) Stick w/ the abysmal Bryzgalov or 2) amnesty him and go w/ a past-prime goalie or a short-term deal or give another big contract to a guy like Backstrom. A better GM would've had Bobrovsky available as the much more attractive option #3.

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