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03-12-2013, 02:47 AM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
I would be shocked if we are in the same boat. Or if we are, that Regier still has a job.

I'm also a tad surprised that you, someone that thinks Darcy is the man for the job based on his past rebuild, thinks he would allow the team to fall off like that two years in a row. Just look at his last rebuild.

We are currently a decade out from Regier's biggest year as GM of this team. 2003 is the year he traded for Briere (March 10th) before trade deadline, drafted Vanek at #5 (June draft) and then traded for Drury on July 3rd. After finishing 26th in the league at the end of the 02-03 season thus getting the 5th pick overall. We were in 9th place the following season on our way back to being a playoff team.

In other words, the guy you want to turn the franchise around did it faster back then than you seem to think he will be able to do it now. Back then he didn't have the tools at his disposal that he has now. Nor did he need 2 or more crap season to make the rebuild happen.

So as I said, I would be shocked if we were in the same place we are now at the same time next year. Or if we are I doubt Regier has a job.

IMO its going to take another 2003 going forward or something close to it for Regier to keep his job.
But in order for that to be judged, he'd have to be on the job for another three years minimum, no? Nobody knew in '03 what Briere and Dru would mean to the team by 2005. I don't see how the bolded is really something to point to without assuming Regier is staying put to see it through.

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