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03-12-2013, 04:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
I am not sure many ever said that Shero drafted poorly. At least I never did. I said the opposite actually. The concern is the concentration on defense, especially last draft not taking Forsberg when available. You can not argue with taking the best player available at pick 27-30. But 8th overall there definately were other directions you could go than defense yet again.

Had Shero taken Forsberg with that pick I am sure people would have been very happy with his drafting overall.
I feel like this myth needs called out some. Sure Shero loves his defensemen. But it took him up to his fourth draft to finally use his first pick on one, which was Despres and even then everyone still flipped out while Lovejoy was our best defensive prospect. And the next draft he used his first four picks on forwards. If Shero loved defensemen as much as you seem to imply, he definitely would have went with Tinordi or Pysyk. But he saw the value in Bennett's skills and vision, and then everyone on here still flipped out because he rolled the dice with him because he was a smallish player coming out of the BCHL. There's definitely something Shero sees with his early picks.

If Shero was striking out with some of his picks on defense in the first round, then maybe I'd be a little concerned. But he's been striking gold there and then some. He won't but he can spend all of his first round picks on defense and I won't care.

And everyone needs to stop bringing up Forsberg for crying out loud. Even Winnipeg and Tampa decided to go with defense over him. And is he even playing in the SEL? Let me know when he starts tearing up the NHL, and then we can discuss what a mistake it was not to pick him.

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