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Originally Posted by Inconceivable View Post
You made it known publicly that you believe kulemin is mentally ill. Think about that. Don't you think a serious accusation about someone's personal life should have some solid points to hold it? It's not the kind of thing you should just throw around. And even if he was mentally ill, it's none of our business. At all. If you are interested in that stuff you should be reading Perez Hilton.
After all the nonsense that people constantly say about players on these forums... you're really this concerned about a fan questioning if a player is depressed?
Who gives a ****.

I'm a fan of Kulemin and like his overall game. Due to his unprecedented decrease in production, he is currently overpaid though.

To make the argument that it has something to do with acquaintances that died in a plane crash years ago is asinine. It's some sort of "magical" depression that only affects his game when he's in North America, but doesn't affect his game in Europe.
I've never heard of "magical" depression before, and I quite frankly think it's a silly argument for the OP to suggest that Kulemin suffers from "magical" depression.
I mean, I'm not pathetically offended at the accusation of depression (unlike some people I know)... I simply think it's a silly argument.

He can't quite cut it as an offensive player in the nhl... his one fluke year notwithstanding. Plays a strong defensive game, still on pace for 40ish points (on 82 game schedule).
It's not that bad... but I doubt he'll crack even 20 goals ever again in the nhl.

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