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03-12-2013, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by pantherbot View Post
What you specifically said just a few posts ago was that "Most of the players on our team can be replaced in free agency. They are not that unique. We did it once, we can do it again."

That made it sound like you want to replace most of our team. If you're thinking of trading away a few players, that's fine and normal for a team that isn't going to make the playoffs.

You also have to remember that two years ago, it was Tallon's first year here, there was a lot of optimism surrounding the team and a lot of buzz. That buzz is now gone and has moved on, so it may not be as easy as you think to replicate our success in signing free agents. Remember that before that frenzy two years ago, we had been abysmal in attracting talent.
What I meant when I said 'most of the players on our team can be replaced in free agency, they're not that unique' is that most of them CAN be replaced, that's true, but I'm not advocating trading the entire team. It wouldn't work anyway, you need some bodies to finish out the year. You are not going to get the deal you want for everybody. Put a bunch of guys on the market, see what you can get, and then trade a few guys.

Originally Posted by Pantherfan12 View Post

It is a business, and unfortunately it would be a bad business decision.
The way I see it is that we go and trade for Steeg. Then we resign him the following year as he states he's excited to be here as he know how Tallon works and wants Fla to be his home,as well as Tallon states he loves Steeg and wants to build around him. Then the following year we trade Steeg for a draft pick that'll end up being 20-30 range and a prospect that may or may not crack the NHL lineup. We go from having a player, who last season was a 1st line player, to having a draft pick and prospect.

Pretty much you're telling other FA that while we have no state tax and beaches and Canadians in speedos to bring them to our team, if the team has a bad year, you're gone! Even if you have a good year, Tallon will trade you because the team did poorly and we need to " build for the future"

If we trade Steeg and Flash and the Weiss walks, our 1st line will be ???????????? Still waiting.. The youth line? Kopecky? Matthias? Last season was a "fluke" yet getting rid of two thirds of our top line last season, who was at one point the best top line in the league, is part of the blueprint? We sign Jovo to an over bloated contract,who should be traded, yet well trade Steeg because??? He's available? Other free agents will see that as a turnstile for the team and not want to be a part of it.
Steeg has played like an idiot since halfway through last season. It's his fault that he's on the market now, his and his alone. We should keep him around just because we might be afraid it might scare away potential FA's? Tallon is charged with the welfare of the team, and he's going to do what he thinks is best for the future of the team. Yes, if you play like garbage, you should expect to be traded, I think any FA understands that.

Anyone who's traded will be replaced. I can't fathom how people are worried that we won't be able to replace the spectacular Versteeg and Fleischmann. Come on. We're not talking about Gretzky and Coffey in the 80's here.

Originally Posted by Erick View Post
-Trade Flash for a 1st + 3rd
-Trade Versteeg for a 2nd
-Trade Goc + 2nd to Ottawa for Ben Bishop
-Trade Kuba for a 5th

In the offseason, trade Kulikov to Colorado for ROR. Use the amnesty on Upshall and Clemmer.

Draft Seth Jones.

Sign Ryan Clowe (having a bad year. Gonna make him cheaper. Big body, good track record). Sign Michael Handzus.

Lineup next year

Petrovic-Robak/Strachan (or Jovo if he doesn't retire...)

ROR can't be traded until February.

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