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03-12-2013, 08:22 AM
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Originally Posted by MrKurri'soupkitchen View Post
First off, Doug Maclean is on the brink of losing his position on Sportsnet's hockey panel and for months now, has been throwing out these "shocking revelations" about the inner workings of many organizations with the hopes of saving his job with one of Canada's biggest sports networks.

Hockey radio is big business North of the Border and the Sportsnet producers are all too familiar with the fact that the NHL is so hard up and desperate for any media coverage that they rarely crack down on scandalous accusations, heresay, pure fiction (Eklund) that in any industry would constitute being libel/slander/defamation.

Not 2 weeks ago, on the morning of the Leafs/Flyers game, Maclean and Kypreos were providing their top notch analysis of the matchup. Among some of Maclean's expert points were that Briere was not a good replacement for Jagr on G's wing, Coburn was our number one "D" and my favourite, Matt Carle was apparently still on the team and having an off year.

So, 2 weeks later, Doug Maclean now has his finger on the pulse of our dressing room?

The guy is a joke, grasping at straws while trying to save his job. I can't believe this thread is 2 pages long but then again, Eklund has built an entire career on this same type of bull **** journalism.
I would be thrilled if MacLean was removed from HC. Kypreos has great sources and accurate info but the yelling between the two of them drives me nuts.

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