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Originally Posted by Flyersandoilers1239 View Post
You guys do realize he doesnt claim to be an insider or anything and doesnt try and start rumors or anything..his blogs are his opinion of what should happen within the oilers...he will change his mind sometimes 2-4 blogs later...give the guy a break, hes like everyone of us shooting our mouths off with what the oilers should do, he actually has a pretty good grasp on whats going on and what needs to be done with the team

again he doesnt claim to be nothing more than what he is.. a blogger and an oilers fan
he has fun with his blogs and likes to propose outrageous stuff to see the reactions of his readers and oilers fans,for not being a journalist or writer or even part of the media he does a pretty good job doing his blogs with no sources and insiders

I actually like reading Cloutier's blogs, I find them better written and more readable than many of the blogs routinely posted on here - and many of the replies written like blogs. "Flyersandoilers" gets Cloutier exactly right, he doesn't claim to be an insider or in the know. And I am sure that he is getting a kick out of this thread, in fact if I had to guess that any single 'poster' on here were he, I would guess that its the person who started this particular thread. Good on Cloutier for having all of us discussing him.

And I agree with the person that said s/he thinks Cloutier is bi-polar, I have had the same thought myself.

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