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Originally Posted by Shawnofthedeadz View Post
I don't understand why everyone thinks to rebuild you need to trade away your franchise player. Pittsburgh did not trade Lemuix, Phoenix did not trade Doan, and Ottawa did not trade Alfredsson. I hate this mentality of trade everything or nothing. That is a stupid way to go about the rebuilding process. Just go ask our neighbours up in Edmonton. As I've explained multiple times on this forum there is a great benefit to keeping Jarome around during the rebuild process. Also, through a good rebuild we can become competitive in 1-2 seasons. That still gives Iginla a couple of years to win the cup with us. If we completely blow everything up, we will be stuck being crap just like Edmonton for 5-6+ years.

Also, many teams would be more than willing to pay Iginla an 8+ million contract or trade valuable assets for him. His value is still just as high as it has been for the last couple of seasons. Just look at how popular Doan was this off season.
Again, I don't want them to trade Jarome as part of the rebuild. I want to see him win somewhere now. And they have to trade him now, or never. He's not as significant to the Flames anymore in my opinion, other than being my favorite player, and the face of the team. My point was: A) you can't trade other assets and not Jarome, he won't stand for it. B)They don't want to trade Jarome, but if they trade only him at the deadline, they'll look like idiots because they traded their best player and kept this ineffectual roster for next year.
Also, he's not getting 8+ million in a contract. I think the demand for Doan was in part due to phoenix almost going all the way.
I agree with you that you can turn it around in 1-2 years, but you have to have some cornerstone in place. Ottawa had Karlsson and Spezza. It's fine to keep Iginla, but but your imaginary trades aren't going to happen. Plus, the Sens kept alfredsson all these years because they were actually making the Playoffs.

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