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03-12-2013, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by PlayBall View Post
Definitely looks bent, I agree.

Take it to a good sharpener and afterwards you should also be able to balance a coin such as a quarter(or if you're Canadian, the loonie) on the blade of the skate. It should appear to lay perfectly flat, forming a 90 degree straight angle.

Also, it won't take them long to straighten it unless there's a serious defect to begin with. If you're worried about missing your next shinny, or couple rec games, I would not sweat it. Odds are on they can straighten it right away, or worse, sell you new blades. I doubt you will be out of skates for any period of time because of this.
That has nothing to do with the straightness of the steel, but rather, the levelness of the edges.

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