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Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
If a girl actively wants you to talk to her, she will take out her earphones. Not saying it absolutely means she wants you (or someone else) to approach because it could be she just ran out of juice but if she's listening to music and then stops, it might be a sign.
"Excuse me, did you want me to hit on you or are you just in need of some juice?"

Other guaranteed successes include
"You should be a station, because my eyes are getting a workout. And my heart is doing crazy reps. I think I need to sit down. Whew.
Alright, second set. LET'S DO THIS! YEAH! CONDITIONING! So you busy later? Because I'm doing squat... s. YEAH I AM KILLING IT OVER HERE. WHOOOO THIRD SET LET'S GO"

"How much you bench? Pffp [stifled spitting] I mean whoa, that's pretty good!"

"Don't forget to towel your buttsweat lagoon off that seat, uh, baby."

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