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03-12-2013, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Chapin Landvogt View Post
Ask yourselves this, and be serious in your analysis...

Do you truly, truly, truly feel Grabner scores more goals and this team has better results if he is getting, say, 16 minutes a night as opposed to 9 or 10???

I mean, we are talking about an incredibly incomplete player and one whose weapons are only put on display a good 15-20% of the time he is playing...

As an aside:
Have noticed something lately that is driving me nuts. Grabner is given the puck and leads the rush, then slows down as he's entering the zone to wait for his teammates to catch up and, while floating, ends up throwing an errand or hardly obtainable pass to one of those charging teammates. While slowing down, this also allows for opponents to get back while the guy dealing with him also manages to find his bearings better.

I find this to be very disappointing.

If I'm the coaching staff, I'm telling him to challenge that defender to the outside every single time. NO exceptions.
I'm with you on all this. Grabner's been better this year, much better, but he doesn't have very good vision or hockey sense. He's also too fast for many of his linemates. He doesn't really know how to play an NHL game, he's strictly an "off the rush" guy, but again, he HAS been better this year.

I'm with scott99 though, you gotta play this guy more than NINE MINUTES! He'll never be Tavares but he's certainly effective enough out there (ESPECIALLY compared to the alternatives on this roster) that he can play 15-16 min per night! Just not with Reasoner.

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