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03-12-2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Girls who lift = hot

Just don't compliment her on her squat form

I'm terrible at any and all forms of flirting, but the idea of a pick up line isn't to impress or turn her on, but to get her to laugh. So anything you can say that might make her smile or laugh is good. Or even just smiling and saying hello, and if you see her again, same thing, try and strike up a conversation. Just don't continue to creepily smile or stare at her.

For the most part everything is out of your control, as any girl you're interested in will have to find you attractive, be single, and be in a relatively good mood. But you're not proposing marriage, just saying hello.

Probably. I'd guess either they could take the stitching of the letters out and stitch new ones in, swap out the name bar, or maybe put a new bar over the letters if they were glued on.

Why in the hell did you get a Barker jersey? Lose a bet or something?
I actually figured he'd be good, plus he's a Winnipeg kid. I now use my brain when selecting who's name to get on my jersey.

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