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03-12-2013, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Cliffy1814 View Post
Teams follow the secondary market. They know what is going on even though they don't react to it quickly.
They are still having trouble selling lower bowl seats while 200 or 400 level seats are selling for large profit on ST and other sites.

They can raise 200 level seats 20% and still have people in the 100 level dying to get up there, especially with the new sightlines.

Ssucks for me as I am a 400 level STL, but I would expect that all the price points below $100 see the most significant percentage increase in price.

Makes sense.
They follow the secondary market, yes. However, it is not supply vs demand, it is QUANTITY supplied vs QUANTITY demanded.

Let's take the Washington home game on the 24th, for example. If EVERY season ticket holder posted their tickets for sale for 20% over face value, do you think they would ALL sell? Absolutely not. Right now, you can say the quantity demanded at face value is 18,200 tickets (or whatever the capacity is now), however at 1.2 times face value, the quantity demanded drops. For a tuesday night game against Florida, I would say the quantity demanded at face value is not even 100%. Yes, it is sold out, but a big part of that is because the season ticket holders have to take that game. If the ticket reps emailed all the season ticket holders and offered to remove a game from the package and that game is a tuesday night in december against FLorida or a Western team, most would agree and they wouldn't be able to sell out the building.

This is the part the team do not seem to understand. They hear the scalpers or people on stubhub are getting $300 and up for the cheapest seats. Doesn't mean they all would have sold at $300.

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