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03-12-2013, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Worked out last night AND woke up early to work out this morning. Gotta get back in the habit. I'm slowing down on the ice.
This exact thought completely changed my life. That is when I decided to stop screwing around and being lazy and get my health/fitness game back on lock.

When I was 23 (26 now), I lived steps from the beach and was super active running about 25 miles a week and doing a bunch of circuit training. this is when I first picked up ice hockey (after playing roller as a kid and through high school). I was a lean 175.

Last June, I started noticing I didn't have the same jump I used to. At this point, I had gotten up to 215 and didn't look fat or overweight. I just looked not lean anymore and had a beer belly getting started. I started my body weight circuits up again and running sprints. In August, I cut out alcohol and cleaned my diet up a bunch. In no time, I was back down to 175 and flying around the ice as not only was my skating much better after 3 years of practice, but I was much stronger than before (mainly from sprints versus longer distance).

In January/February, I cut out my cheat day and dropped it to a cheat meal and started fueling my body much more methodically and now sit at 185 while being more shredded than I was at 175. Last week, I added even more structure and 3 days of heavy lifting to my plan and in another 10.5 weeks, I should be much closer to 200 while gaining a ton of strength.

I don't regret a single second of any of it. It's worth its weight in old every time I step out on the ice and feel like (and often am) the fastest player on the ice.

Once you get a taste of that improvement and how it translate to this game we all love, the hunger only grows.

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