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03-12-2013, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
It is like robbing Peter to pay Paul, good analogy. However, if they think they're going to lose Gagner, which becomes a very real possibility given their contract situation, then is he worth more? I don't think he is.

Gagner is having a great season at exactly the right time. He will cash in as a result. Then it's a wait to see what RNH and Yakupov get... It's not an easy choice.
Edmonton has nearly $20m in cap space for next season, with none of their core players left to re-sign.

Their defense needs attention badly but they should be able to address that and re-sign Gagner, and if push comes to shove they can make a decision on Gagner when it comes time to shoehorn in the next round of huge contracts - and by then they have Hemsky and Horcoff coming off the books anyway.

But forget Gagner for a minute, what about Ballard for PRV or Petry? That makes sense for them as well. Ballard is a victim here to his circumstance as much as he is a contributor. I have no doubt he does better after he leaves this system. The only question is, do other teams see it quick enough and get a top4 for peanuts?
Yeah that makes a bit more sense.

You have to wonder when Edmonton is going to start looking to convert the young player's they've deemed outside of their core into assets they can use.. who knows but it would make sense for them to start doing it in the next year or so.

I'm skeptical about Ballard having that kind of value but dealing him for a forward in their early 20's with top six upside would be a huge win for this team.

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