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03-12-2013, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by dave babych returns View Post
Edmonton has nearly $20m in cap space for next season, with none of their core players left to re-sign.

Their defense needs attention badly but they should be able to address that and re-sign Gagner, and if push comes to shove they can make a decision on Gagner when it comes time to shoehorn in the next round of huge contracts - and by then they have Hemsky and Horcoff coming off the books anyway.

EDM has to re-sign Smid, Fistric and Pekham on D. That should be about 7m. Then they have to get a replacement for Whitney's 4m. So 11m added to that 20m in space. After that, they get the raises to Hall and Eberle, plus raises due to Gagner, possibly PRV, Jones, Hartikainen and Lander...

They're at 67m now. Have to drop 3m overall, with no big salaries leaving the club (other than Whitney, which they will look to replace), and big raises to Eberle and Hall. Short of making a capgeek mock, they've got some tough choices ahead.

A lot will come down to what they pay Gagner and Smid. They may simply get rid of Whitney's salary and have a poor defense too, but I doubt it.

Yeah that makes a bit more sense.

You have to wonder when Edmonton is going to start looking to convert the young player's they've deemed outside of their core into assets they can use.. who knows but it would make sense for them to start doing it in the next year or so.

I'm skeptical about Ballard having that kind of value but dealing him for a forward in their early 20's with top six upside would be a huge win for this team.

Thing is, no one knows if PRV can secure an NHL roster spot long-term. He's not nearly direct enough in his game to be a regular bottom6 guy. He also fails to utilize his skillset in a top6 role. So what is he really?

They will move PRV eventually I think, and what better way to shore up their defense than to get a devalued top4 in return? I think it makes great sense for them. The major stumbling block being inter-divisional trades.

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