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Originally Posted by Snippit View Post
Never mind, the above might be wrong. From the OHL Website:

Among Three Teams for Two (2) Playoff Positions (potentially KGN, MISS, PBO):
The preliminary position of the three teams shall be determined as calculated by dividing the sum of the total goals for plus the total goals against into the total goals for.

The team with the highest percentage shall be determined higher in the standing and secure a playoff position.

The remaining two teams shall play a sudden-death game at one of the two teamís centres with such centre to be determined by the OHL tie-breaking method with the winner being declared higher in the standing as the final playoff team.


GF divided by GA = your percentage. The team with the highest percentage is 7th seed. The other two teams play the tiebreaker.
Mississauga - 173 divided by 212 = 0.81
Peterborough - 192 divided by 243 = 0.79
Kingston - 206 divided by 263 = 0.78

All of a sudden, teams need to watch the scores, and make sure there are no blowouts.
Are you sure these are the numbers? I read it as adding goals for and goals against then divide it into goals for so Missy would be 173 divided by 385 = .4493 , Petes 192 divided by 435 = .4413, Fronts 206 divided by 469 =.4392 Missy would have higher percentage.

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