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Originally Posted by thebus2288 View Post
I hope Umberger is traded at the deadline no matter where we are in the standings. Like a 2nd and decent prospect, maybe a 1st if were lucky. Bad contract. I think whats been talked about with Dubi recently is actually whats going on in the heads of JD n JK when it comes to RJ. Dude has looked BAD all year, even the last good stretch here. He was originally brought in for his "intangibles"..... grit, leadership, pk ability and i guess some secondary scoring for a team that needed all that. NOW were a team FULL of guys with those exact characteristics...and theyre all better than RJ Umberger. Shouldve focused more on playing than coaching during the lockout.
Umby's history:
With Philly:

2005/2006: 20g 18a 38p - 7th on team in scoring
2006/2007: 16g 12a 28p - 8th on team in scoring
2007/2008: 13g 37a 50p - 5th on team in scoring


2008/2009: 26g 20a 46p - 3rd on team in scoring
2009/2010: 23g 32a 55p - 4th on team in scoring
2010/2011: 25g 32a 57p - 2nd on team in scoring
2011/2012: 20g 20a 40p - 4th on team in scoring

I highly doubt, that you know what Umberger focused on during the offseason. All great players have slumps. Since his first goal of this season. He's scored 5 goals 4 assist in 15 games. That puts him right on a 50p pace in his last 15 games. To suggest that any player who scores at a 50pt pace is playing BAD hockey is ignorant. Am I able to forget his first 11 games? YES! Look at Datsyuk - Hasn't scored a goal in 10 straight games. It's called a slump and players have them!

He's had down years before. To suggest he can't return to 50+pts is stupid. And if you believe a 50pt player is not valuable, I'd wonder why you are so in love with Anisimov who has never registered a 50pt season or Dubinksy who has only registered 1.

Consistent 50pt players aren't easy to come by. Let alone one who has been especially dangerous in the playoffs. Let the "kids" prove themselves for more than half a shortened season before you want to trade away the vets.

And for those who cry about his salary...Who cares!!?!?! We aren't a cap team. His contract has zero impact on the clubs decisions. The guy made sure to have a NTC in his contract because he loves CBUS. Has his family here and wants to remain here.

Where is your support? I don't understand the hatred towards this guy.

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