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03-12-2013, 12:14 PM
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Go Oilers.

My pet peeve of the day. "We won last game so the lineup stays the same". I've always hated that crap. lol Coaching should be about doing everything possible to win the next game not just hoping that what happened in the last game repeats itself. Be proactive not reactive. And just because the "team" won the last game shouldn't automatically mean that every player gets a pass for the next game.

Fistric should not be sitting and I don't care if it means either of the Shultz's get a "maintenance" day.
How does trading for Brown and then sitting Eager add to our toughness?
Does Ryan Smyth get faster in thin air or does he just come to a complete halt on the ice with the lack of oxygen?

I took my winter tires off my Jeep yesterday. It's snowing heavily today. I'm not shovelling jack. I will friggen well sit here in my living room until it melts. lol

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