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03-12-2013, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
So, do you agree or disagree that the 3 players will collectively cost the Rangers 7.5/per or not? All I'm saying is THAT number, 2.5 per per player x3, is not going to happen.
I think the smart money is that McD will get a long term contract. Likely 4 years. He has been consistently good since he joined the team and he's only getting better. He's also arbitration eligible, so he'll have more leverage.

Staal got just under 4 mil per on a 5 year deal. I could see McD getting 4 - 4.5 per.

Stepan will almost certainly get a 2 year bridge contract as he isn't arbitration eligible. I think 2.5 mil per year is right around what he'll get.

Hagelin is the wild card. He's been great for us, but between the lockout and the time he played in the AHL last year, the sample size for him is small compared to the other 2. Hagelin has played 105 career games. McD has played 170 and Stepan has played 213. That just screams bridge contract. But he is also arbitration eligible.

I would guess that Hagelin will end up with a contract similar to Stepan. I don't see Sather giving him a long term deal. I'd bet that he will file for arbitration. Hopefully Sather can make a deal with him before the hearing.

In all, I'd guess 9 to 10 mil for the 3 of them.

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