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03-12-2013, 12:37 PM
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Yeah, he does. Not because hes that great or anything, but because we need to keep all our actual NHL players.

Now for most of these guys you could theoretically say "we could trade him for another actual NHL player" but Gagner is complicated, because hes a center, and a bona-fide (if inconsistent) top-6C. So if we traded him, that would immediately become our biggest hole and its pretty hard to imagine being able to trade him for an upgrade at that exact position.

Originally Posted by worraps View Post
To me: it depends on what he's looking for in his next contract.
To a certain extent yes, but we can't just say we'll live without him, because he doesnt take a discount and stay at the 4M cap number we all thought was reasonable previous to this year.

If he keeps this pace up he will be looking for minimum 5 in the summer, and if we dont give him that with term, he will go to arbitration, and be a UFA next summer.

If he kept this pace up again next year, he'd be taking a discount to settle for the 6M, and could fetch 7M on the open market.

I know this doesn't coincide very well with many of the posters thoughts, but if he played at .9 PPG for a year and a half, and was coming off a 70P season as a 25YO UFA, he'd get a hell of a deal from many teams in the league.

I was really hoping last summer we would lock him into some sort of 4x4.5. Well the price has certainly gone up, and i think we'd be wise to give him something like 5x5 this summer.

Could be 8x6 the year after. Hell even if regresses next year to only 50P, he'll still be getting at minimum 5x5 as a UFA.

Pay the man now, its the best deal your going to get, and losing him (like Smid) would be a big step back. You aren't just going to be able to pick up UFA's to replace him (them).

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