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03-12-2013, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
That's exactly the attitude I'm talking about. Of course I don't see that happening, because I try to look at things realistically, i.e. in terms of what the most likely outcome is. But the chances of that occurring are non-zero and probably on par with the ones of a comeback in that playoff series against the Bruins. Just because something is unlikely to happen doesn't mean it isn't going to happen. But that's where you separate wheat from the chaff. When you give in, you've already lost, when you don't, you at least have a chance you won't. It's perfectly normal for him to have thoughts like that, but with him they overwhelm him and that's his attitude the whole time it seems, whereas some others seem to be able to brush them aside when it comes down to it.

In any case, it doesn't matter, even if he is saying this now he still might get into a more optimistic state if the two losses happen.
Lose both games, we'd need to go 15-4 to get a realistic playoff spot. If we win both games, it would be 13-6 to get the same spot. I think this is why Bryz is called Mr. Universe, he understands and grasps the reality of things, even if it may not be the right time to say so.

Originally Posted by dat sauce View Post
really? I dont think it gets much worse paying a bum $5.7 million to have a save% below .900. top 10 in shots given up. bottom 5 in goals allowed. it doesn't get much worse than that. the guy stinks. ill take whoever
Quick has the same SV% as Bryz and he operates in a defense first system. .897 SV% for Mike Smith and with a system that Bryz owned with. They cost less right now, but Quick is on the last year of his 1.8M cap and up to a 5.8M next season and for the next 9 years after that. Anyone huh? You want Leighton? How about bring back Esche? I'm sure he would be perfect for you.

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