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03-12-2013, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by bhay1987 View Post
Don't worry sully I'm with you! Ballard will fetch a lower return because his contract exceeds his value to a contending team. Hainsey is UFA so anyone can acquire him really.

He'd be a good enough replacement for Hainsey. Better than anything on the market after Smid for LD. Vancouver will have to unload him with the cap going down so he could be had at a reasonable price. Just to note, Vancouver signed Hamhuis as UFA like a week after they traded for Ballard so it's not fair to say he's been replaced twice.

Ballard's not an awful defenseman. He was absolutely a victim of AV wanting to utilize his bottom pairing a certain way. With a partner like Bogo they could do alright together until Ballard's deal finishes and we can send him out to pasture if Mr. Trouba needs a spot in the top four.
Thank you. You explained that alot better then I did.

I was starting get a little misty eyes and defensive with everyone disagreeing with me. I was day to day with hurt feelings.

Ballard is definitely a polarizing topic on HF boards and there aren't a lot of people here that see his value. It's very much like Mason Raymond. He had a **** year last year because of playing on a broken back during the cup run(what a ****ing champ eh?), and every one was ready to take him out behind the woodshed and shoot him.

Back to Ballard, he's a guy thy has spent a good chunk of time injured with concussions and stuff as well...and it doesn't help that AV is a ****ing moron.

Its alright that people don't agree with me, and I posted with that in mind lol.

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