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03-12-2013, 01:22 PM
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First set: First impression: looks like a great match up for Cilic...2-1, with 4 backhand errors from Raonic already...on the other hand, the forehand looks intimidating today, 2-2....Milos goes down 15-40 on a double fault then hits a bad forehand error into the middle of the net, first break to Cilic, 4-2...and Cilic serves it out without fuss--a very easy set for Marin, 6-3.

Second set: awful game from Milos, spraying forehands all over the place and being caught flat-footed, but he manages to eke out a hold, 1-0...on serve at 2-1, Raonic has picked up his game a little, though it is too soon to determine whether this is the start of a good patch or just a little flurry of better tennis. He's putting some nasty spin on his backhand and Cilic is having trouble timing it at the moment. Cilic continues to do well against Milos's second serve, however....Milos serves himself out of a bit of hot water, 3-2...4-4 and a lot of error-prone tennis from both players at the moment....easy hold for Milos--this is pretty boring stuff, though, 5-4...Cilic can certainly butcher shots at the net...and Milos, who was the better player that set, gets the break and the set from Marin whose game got progressively worse as the set unfolded.

Third set: Cilic continues to look vulnerable...and Milos gets a well-deserved break dominating with his groundstrokes which are suddenly very consistent weapons, 2-0...and Raonic holds, 3-0...reception has gone south, but Milos now at at 5-2, as Cilic's continues to struggle with his first serve this set...and seemingly uneventful the rest of the way as Milos comes back for the win.

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