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03-12-2013, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Moose Coleman View Post
If people were saying he was better than Hall, he was ridiculously overrated.
I think it's more of Hall being rediculously underrated.

The sucky part of all this is that I think Tambo's right.
I hate seeing this let's trade whatever we can to get bigger.. then 3 months later complain that our bigger guys suck. See Pouliot, Isbister, etc, etc.

The best move this team has is to stand still and show more patience. I'm tired of giving up on youth for some magic power forward we all call a lazy arse a few months in the future.

Than watching the young player we traded mature and excel. They chose to live by the rebuild and I supported it. I'd rather die by the rebuild than watch MPS or someone go to another team and become exactly the player we wanted.

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